Wilbur World Wide: A tribute to Simple Superstar Vanessa Neufeld

October 19th, 2019

Remembering a very dear friend of mine: Vanessa Neufeld February 2, 1978 - September 10, 2019. Sharing her incredible legacy! How a small town girl from a conservative Mennonite community made a young newcomer to Canada like me, feel so welcomed, accepted and loved! She was one of my first friends in the country and she left a beautiful lasting impression on how to love faithfully...all these 28 years we knew each other! What will your legacy be? Excerpt from the keynote “From Tolerance to Transformation” for the Shaunavon Chamber of Commerce, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Need to talk about pain you are going through?  Message me: @wilburworldwide or solutions @wilbur.asia


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